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Outstanding Projects in Taiwan

 Taipei Public Library Beitou Branch

The first library in Taiwan to obtain Green Building Certification

Architect: Bioarchitecture Formosana (Architects KUO Ying-Chao and CHANG Ching-Hwa)

GPS: N25.13619 / E121.50606

Structure: Steel and wood

Height: 1 story below grade, 2 stories above grade

Site Area: 34797.94 m2

Building Footprint: 802.87 m2

Total Floor Area: 1989.61 m2


The Beitou Branch of Taipei City Municipal Library is the first library in Taiwan to obtain Green Building Certification. Its structure combines wood and steel to achieve friendliness both to the environmental and users. It was further honored with First Prizes at the 2007 Outstanding Green Building Award and 6th Taipei Urban Landscape Award. Sensitive to its location in the ecologically diverse and densely forested Beitou park, the architect strove for a design that works in harmony with the natural environment of the parkland and respects the local ecological, historical and cultural context. Visually warm materials such as heat-treated wood and Douglas fir were selected for the building exterior to minimize impact on the natural environment. The advent of the digital era means the public is changing its source of information retrieval from the traditional library to a cyber platform, so the design focus of a modern library has also shifted from its appearance to the operation of a unique and environmentally adaptive institution. This library is a turn from the conventional and more serious impression of a library. This green library founded on sustainable management provides citizens with a place to sip coffee, listen to music or peruse on the comfortable indoor lounge chairs. Even a surprise afternoon shower will no longer send readers scurrying into the indoor area; rather, they can now stay on rain-sheltered balconies in leisure and continue with reading, accompanied by the pitter-patter of the rain. Entering the library itself is like reading a book that fuses the ecology of Beitou, making it the most distinct building and a favorite tourist destination in the district.

In February 2005, the Ministry of the Interior awarded the library with candidate certificate for the nine Green Building indicators including Biodiversity, Greenery, On-Site Water Retention, Daily Energy Saving, Co2 Reduction, Construction Waste Reduction, Indoor Environment, Water Resource and Sewage & Garbage Improvement. The greatest feature of the project is its wood structure, which consumes less energy while creating forest-like interior spaces. Sunlight filters through trees outside to give the interior staircase a bright and pleasant feel. Three green building techniques are applied in the ingeneous roof design. First, planting and soil on the roof double as excellent heat insulation and blend the building with the woodsy park setting. The second is the use of solar power. 96 photovolatic panels are installed on the slanted west-facing roof (1/10 slope) and, together with the Tai-Power grid, serves the building’s electrical needs. The third technique is using the well-draining pitched roof (637 m2 in area) to collect rainwater. The collected water is then conveyed through the pipework to a treatment system (filtering and settling tank), the storage system and finally via the distribution pipework for watering plants or flushing toilets.



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