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Green Building Grading System


      Currently, there are in total nine green building indicators, and passing four of them qualifies a building to receive green building labeling. To differentiate the level of “greenness” and encourage higher standards, the ABRI (Architecture and Building Research Institute, Ministry of the Interior) commissioned the research laboratory led by Lin Hsien-te, professor at the Graduate institute of Architecture, National Cheng Kung University to establish a new grading system. Based on statistics from green building assessment in the past few years and referencing the Japanese and American rating systems as well as a survey of experts, a new system was put together. There are now nine weighted and accumulative indicators, each with a different high and low scoring range, totaling 100 maximum points (continuous and including decimal points) and yielding five grade levels: Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Qualified. The grading system can be used as the basis by government agencies, developers and building designers for determining incentive policies related to professional service rewards, FAR, taxes and financing. This conducive change to the promotion of the green building industry took effect as part of the 2005 updated version of The Evaluation Manual for Green Building.



Weighted scoring chart for grading with the nine indicators


      This grading system has the characteristic where it is easy to get a low score and difficult to obtain a high one. Therefore, “log-normal distribution” has been used to identify five probability zones corresponding to the scoring ranges for the five grade levels. A score landing above 95% is graded as Diamond, 80-95% as Gold, 60-80% as Silver, 30-60% as Bronze and 30% or lower as Qualified.


      The design of the Green Building Label juxtaposes the icon of a building with the letter “G” for “Green”. Radiating rainbow-colored rays representing the assessment indicators are added to create an image of vibrant, simple and elegant green building. For the grading system, a round logo representing continuity and sustainability indicates the respective grade levels of Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Qualified, which are printed in the calm, poised color of dark green. Labels for various grade levels are awarded according to the assessment results.


Registered trademark for the Green Building Label


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